Scope of Work

Step 1 :


Light Specification Assignment


Determine the type & specification of the light according to international lighting standards and user tastes and needs.



Budgeting lighting needs for the project. There will be 2 option of budgeting. The light budgeting itself or get to the calculation cost of installation and accessories. Depends on user needs and wants.

Light Spot


Wiring Assignment


Determine the light spot, the distance between the lights, and the power path according to the function of each area.

Step 2

Design Development

3D Lighting Design


The activity of designing a building or areas in terms of lighting installment by using Adobe Photoshop, Sketchup, or 3D Max

Lighting Dialux


Detailed designing process using Dialux software. The process including assignment of lights angle and lights mounting to approach the highest accuracy of lights distribution on the selected areas.

Step 3


Mock Up


Direct trying activities of items that have been planned in the project in terms of  maximizing the best result on the project. Usually in one room, one corridor, or other requested areas.



The process of delivering items after the price and design have been agreed.

Installation Supervision


The process of assisting the project in the context of the installation of items that have been sent.


Project Reference

Scope Of Work